Portsmouth is the smart move for your business

The City of Portsmouth is home to a variety of available project sites – there is sure to be a property that fits your business’s needs. From heavy industrial sites to boutique-style storefronts and everything in between, Portsmouth offers a diverse infrastructure all in the center of the region and the middle of the east coast.



What We Offer

Find Your New Location

The Portsmouth Economic Development team can help you find the best location for your business. Our staff stays up-to-date on available properties throughout the city and can help you determine the appropriate use. If you need direct Port access, proximity to the highway or railway, or need to be close to a training facility, we have you covered.

Proximity to Multiple Ports

Portsmouth is home to two Port of Virginia Facilities – Portsmouth Marine Terminal and Virginia International Gateway. These facilities have been steadily breaking national records for capacity and turn times and they are ready to support your business’s needs. The City of Portsmouth offers multiple sites directly adjacent to the Port facilities, as well as locations just a quick drive away.

Robust Infrastructure

In addition to the two Port facilities in our backyard, Portsmouth offers a robust infrastructure with access to multiple major rail lines, a connected regional road and highway system, and quick access to all of you and your employees' needs. Two airports are within a quick drive and the mid-Atlantic Amtrak offers a car alternative for regional travel.